Friday, 16 September 2011

Guilty pleasure

The iconic Tower 42
I've been feeling extremely guilty recently. Why? Well, it's September and it's the best month to be roaming around Wormwood Scrubs looking for migrants hoping to find that BIG one. That is what I have done for many years until this year. Due to my punishing schedule I have been so knackered in the mornings I haven't been able to raise an eyelid let alone get myself down to my patch. Instead, I have been receiving regular updates from a couple of the Scrubbers telling me of huge numbers of passage Swallows and good numbers of Whinchat with the occasional Wheatear thrown in.

The weather today seemed perfect for durinal migration. A slight easterly, blue skies fluffy clouds and it was warm. Yesterday, I had a garden tick in the shape of a high soaring Common Buzzard. It was part of a small movement that passed over London that afternoon. So 10am saw me on the roof of Tower 42 with a couple other birders scanning the skies in the vain hope of finding some winged wonders. For a change we did see raptors with 3 Common Buzzard heading the list. I was very happy.

I've heard that the Tower is up for sale now. Obviously, I'm worried for the future of the Tower 42 Bird Study Group. Will the eventual new owners be birder friendly?

Anyone got £290m spare?

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