Monday, 27 September 2010

Dipping terns

Whilst everyone was sweating over the true identity of the Alder/Willow Flycatcher on Blakeney, Norfolk, a few London listers were fretting over inner London's first White-winged Black Tern discovered on Sunday over at Hyde Park/Kensington Gardens.

Although a truly amazing record, like the Norfolk Emphid flycatcher, it only went to illustrate that age-old urban birding ethos - anything can turn up anywhere at anytime. I got the call this morning about the tern, but as I was occupied on other things I decided to be 'sensible' and fore go the opportunity to see it - this was despite the fact that it was showing down to 20 feet.

Burning desire eventually got the better of me and at 4pm I drove down to the park only to be confronted by a host of blank faces. Our bird had flown. East at 3.30pm to be exact!

Despite swearing to return at dawn to track the bird down (I had decided this before it was seen again at 5.30pm) I knew in my heart that I probably wouldn't return in the morning. I would be too busy kicking bushes at The Scrubs as I have my own rarity to find.

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