Saturday, 5 June 2010

More Alderney please!

I can't think of any other superlatives to use to describe my experience of Alderney and it's people last week. It's funny, I've been telling everyone here in London about Alderney and most people that I spoke to thought that the isle was in the Orkneys! Clearly some work to be done here!
Roland Gauvian (Alderney Wildlife Trust Manager) & TUB
Mark Atkinson (Chair of the Alderney Rarities Committee) & TUB
Alastair Riley (Artist & Birder) & TUB
I've been given the key to the island and made a patron of the Wildlife Trust. Fantastic!

It's an underwatched island with a heap of potential. With only 2 resident birders in attendance, of course a lot of things are missed. During my stay I saw at least 4 Honey Buzzards that had drifted in from nearby France (7 miles away) found a male Dartford Warbler on territory, dipped on a Nightjar, Serin and Black Stork. Plus last week a Melodious Warbler was happened upon by a lucky non-birder.

You see what I'm saying about the potential?

Special thanks to all those mentioned above (plus the many not mentioned) that made my stay so special.

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JRandSue said...

Hi David
Love your blog. You're a very lucky man, doing what you do for
a living. Look forward to seeing you on TV at some point. Sue